Fine wine and food merchants since 1989

The History of
Piazza Discepoli

Marty Piazza and Guy Discepoli met in 1969. By 1975, they decided that a break from their respective “formal” educations was in order. The lure of international travel proved irresistible and their shared Italian heritage made Europe a natural choice. A six-month backpacking adventure, with a focus on Italy, ensued. Midway through the trip, at a favorite Sicilian tavern, over a bowl of olives and a bottle (or two) of vino rosso, the two vowed to, one day, go into business together. Unlike many drunken promises, this one was actually fulfilled. The direction this adventure would eventually take was, in many ways, determined by the shared experiences of that half-year journey.

Returning to Cincinnati (six months older and much wiser), the future business partners spent the next dozen years in continued education (both in and out of the classroom) and in pursuit of employment opportunities that would serve them well in their ultimate endeavor. Marty Piazza gained invaluable experience in the banking industry in both New York and Delaware, while Guy Discepoli spent the years in Arizona and Florida learning the wine business.

By mutual agreement, the two returned to Cincinnati in the fall of 1988. They wasted little time, as Piazza Discepoli Wine Merchants opened its first location in College Hill, in the spring of 1989. A loyal clientele was soon established, and as word of mouth spread, the business grew steadily with customers from all over Greater Cincinnati.

In 2000, Marty left the corporate world to join the business full-time, and a second store was opened in Madeira. Further expansion soon followed, as the White Oak location opened its doors in the fall of 2002. Barely one year later, Piazza Discepoli opened its fourth store (in partnership with Steve Dinnerstein) in the historic village of Glendale. The hallmark of Piazza Discepoli is its commitment to providing personal service, an unmatched selection of American and International wines in an aesthetic environment, knowledgeable, experienced staff and a reliable guide to the better things in life. As Guy and Marty concluded after that first trip to Italy: “Perhaps our ancestors were on to something. Good wine, good food, good friends. What more do you need?”